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Intellect Dynamics
Atrium A

Intellect Dynamics develops technology solutions and services with a focus on real time analytics, artificial intelligence, business process automation and decision support.
s2h – D2R

s2h is software applications focused organization. The company’s work extends over the web, mMobile and ERP systems. s2h specializes in providing IT and software applications expertise. The company will work with client ideas to identify, solidify and realize possible opportunities through software systems and automated processes.
ToLink Inc.

ToLink Inc. is a quickly-growing company founded on service that provides analytical instrument qualification, repair and maintenance, customized training and consulting services. ToLink distributes a number of laboratory and chromatographic products, along with replacement parts, consumables, HPLC parts from CTS, Ultra-Pure water cartridges from RephiLe and Lab Furniture from VOLAB. The company also provides refurbished instruments – which are guaranteed to be efficient and economical.
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Vassu Tech
Atrium A

VassuTech provides world-class Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Warehousing and Master Data Management services and solutions to leading companies around the globe. Leveraging over decades of experience across industries and technologies, VassuTech bridges the gap between pressing business needs and technology consulting to protect existing investments and extend and unlock their business value. Intelligent solutions for superior performance.