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cyber security

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Atrium B

IAmI Authentications, Inc. (“IAmI”) sets a new standard for authentication services with its IAmI Intelligent Authentication and IAmI Passwordless Authentication services.

IAmI is a new cloud + mobile security platform. Through its real-time threat detection and preventative solutions, companies can now greatly benefit by preventing cyber intrusion attacks and data breaches from ever occurring. The IAmI white-label B2B and B2B2C platform empower employees (and customers) to self-protect their own accounts and your network from attacks, disabling hackers in real-time, all with just one touch!
Valt.X Cyber Security
Atrium A

Valt.X has developed software and semiconductor based products to cybersecure endpoint computers with absolute certainty; Valt.X is developing leading edge advanced solutions to Cybersecure PC’s, Smartphones, Tablets, Internet of Things, Networking Equipment and Auto’s. The Company is also developing leading BlockChain and Crypto Products and Services including Cyber Secure Distributed Storage and Secure Crypto Hardware Wallets