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APK medical device licensee company, supply the qualified and licensed products to the dental professionals and the dental laboratory.

Atrium A

Colleaga is dedicated to enabling our members to share their knowledge and expertise to improve healthcare systems. The core of Colleaga are the members, who are dedicated to improving global health systems. Colleaga welcomes anyone, anywhere who shares our passion for collaborative health system innovation.

Many excellent organizations have developed local, national or subscription repositories and communities. Colleaga embraces their contributions and offers our platform and solutions to enhance their work. Colleaga Technology and Business partners adhere to our values of openness, transparency and respect for our members and offer value to our community.
Concept 2 Clinic

Concept 2 Clinic is an executive R&D management company specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. The company provides expert leadership within one cohesive team.

Concept 2 Clinic enables the clinical investigation of client assets to develop, manufacture and execute technology transfers of client pharmaceutical on time and on budget.

The company has successfully created virtual R&D Divisions and project teams, taken accountability as “part time” R&D executives, become an integral part of the management team and assumed all functional roles from pre-clinical to production for commercially oriented organizations.
ForaHealthyMe Inc.

The ForaHealthyMe Inc. solution delivers a virtual clinic without walls by blending clinical protocols for pre-habilitation and rehabilitation patient management with real time analytics, motion tracking, 3D avatars, video & gesture recognition technologies.
Healthcare Compliance Network

HCN Inc. is a team of experienced privacy professionals working together to provide easy, understandable privacy, security, and compliance programs. HCN provides innovative solutions to maintain networks, optimize data privacy, communicate securely, enhance the stability of your systems and comply with current legislation and guidelines.

HCN provides clients with reliable, user-friendly and AUTOMATED IT maintenance, security and compliance solutions to protect systems and patient data. HCN is the exclusive provider of SAMMsecure AUTOMATED monitoring tools. SAMMsecure proactively identifies threats, installs and maintains security patches, monitors and alerts system health problems and allows you to focus on patient care.