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Internet of Things

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Hyperion Sensors

Hyperion has developed a ground breaking sensing solution for large, high voltage electrical assets like Transformers. The solutions is an optical fiber the size of a human hair, in lengths of up to thousands of feet, is embedded throughout a device, deep inside its core. Then laser pulses are fired down the fiber, and the reflected frequency of the laser light is analysed to produce information about the health and status of the equipment. This allows utilities, for the first time, to detect what is going on everywhere deep inside the device, in real time.
InField Solutions
Atrium A

inField Clipboard is a Field Resource Management Software Platform that streamlines our clients work order process from inquiry to invoice.

Our differentiators are that we provide an integrated platform that includes telematics, route optimization, IoT solutions, and our work order management software. In addition, we work with each of our clients to tailor our solution to maximize the business impact to their business.
Atrium A

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, M2M IOT GPS is proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated. With over thirty years of experience in the wireless industry, we take great pride in offering strategic Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions that help businesses and companies of all sorts remotely maintain, monitor and control their assets. Our dedicated team of professionals, including our engineers, network operators and hardware providers, are all locally based and thoroughly enjoy giving our clients the ability to customize solutions and deploy m2m/iot/gps technologies faster, cheaper and more effectively.